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WebSlam: Student Civic Hackathon

On behalf of the Digital Harbor Foundation and our youth, we would like to thank the DML Competition Project:Connect for this amazing opportunity, all volunteer Tech Coaches, NonProfits, and judges, as well as DHF Staff (all of whom gave up their weekend to help make this year’s WebSlam a success). Finally, but not least, I would like to thank all of the youth who worked tirelessly and with great passion on solving real-world problems.


WebSlam, for those who might not be familiar with it, is a week long intensive learning experience where youth, who have either little knowledge or no knowledge whatsoever, learn HTML, CSS, WordPress, and other skills related to Web Development. As a capstone to the week, the youth are then paired up with a non-profit client and a Tech Coach Friday evening. These teams work together to  build a web solution for their non-profit client in under 24 hours, competing in a friendly competition for prizes.


WebSlam Teaser Video


Here are the resulting websites that the 5 youth teams built in 12 hours:


Patapsco-Lodge Forest Cooperative Parish

Youth Team with Client and Tech Coach:    plf-umc

The Patapsco-Lodge Forest Cooperative Parish is a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds, including singles, married, widowed, retired, employed, unemployed, and under employed — all united as they seek to allow God to transform them into a loving community through prayer, worship, fellowship, and study. The Patapsco location includes a large sanctuary and tends to be more traditional, whereas the Lodge Forest location is reminiscent of a small country church and worship includes traditional and non-traditional elements.

Mobile optimized version:plf-umc

Bmore STEM

Youth Team with Client and Tech Coach:


Baltimore has a rich history of out of school time youth programs. There are more than 100 afterschool programs serving students in Baltimore City both during the school year and in summer; with some having operated for more than 20 years and others relatively new and innovative. These programs are diverse and are staffed by individuals who are committed to giving youth access to high quality activities that support the academic and social development of youth. Over the past 10 years, an increasing number of programs have focused on including STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in their programs. This website is dedicated to highlighting the work of these organizations and serving to connect the dots between organizations all committed to serving the youth in our community.

Mobile optimized version:


Special Families Network

Youth Team with Client and Tech Coach:


The Special Friends Network exists to support families and caregivers affected by disabilities with respite care, sitter “buddies”, and other resources. They connect those in need with available and qualified individuals through their service.

Mobile optimized version:



This year we were very excited to have two student projects along side the non-profits. Check out their work below:

Frozen Lava

Youth Team:


Innovative product line and customized phone cases and other 3D printed objects.

Mobile optimized site:


Unblocked Tech!

Youth Team:


Student advocacy to highlight and recommend certain website to be unblocked from the school firewalls. The system includes a way for students and teachers to submit or vote on sites that they feel should be unblocked.

Mobile optimized site:


The Maryland General Assembly Official Citation

Special thanks to Bill Ferguson who made a special presentation during the WebSlam Showcase Finale.



Thanks again to all of the folks who made this possible!

Tech Coaches

Stephanie Dickard

Josh Lawrence

Steve Morton

Michael Scott-Nelson

Matthew Ray


Heather Bradbury

Bill Ferguson

Danny Schwartz

Chris Stone

Kim Truehart


Grant Funding

DML Competition



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