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Recent Presentation: Critical DH in WGSS 101

Dr. Dhanashree Thorat, An Sasala, and Brian Rosenblum standing infront of a screen which reads "Critical Engagement Through Digital Pedagogy"

University of Kansas, Teaching Summit

Critical Engagement through Digital Pedagogy (Equity) Wescoe 4040,

10:55 – 11:35 Breakout Sessions II

An Sasala, Film & Media Studies; Brian Rosenblum & Dhanashree Thorat, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities

This session outlines two case studies for implementing a critical digital pedagogy in the humanities and social sciences classroom. Session facilitators will discuss how digital tools and platforms were used to further their course objectives and to encourage students to think critically about course content as well as digital technologies. This session will be useful for faculty who are interested in creating digital assignments: we will discuss how to write and scaffold digital assignments, share rubrics for evaluating student work created using digital tools, and identify resources for faculty interested in digital pedagogy.

An Sasala will discuss their creation and scaffolding of DH flash projects, and how their Intro to Women, Gender + Sexuality Studies students analyzed digital mapping projects pushing back against colonial conceptions of history, culture, and space.


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