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Dorkbots: 'adult science fairs'


(so that we have a compiled thread ...:))

In view of the upcoming P3 workshop and Anne Balsamo's ideas on tinkering spaces, I asked Dustin Younse, the new Overlord of Dorkbot Austin, to say a few words about this community, their practice and the importance that tinkering has for the many Dorkbot groups around the world. He describes as a 'science fair for adults'. Here is the video (thank you Dustin!). It's in vimeo so feel free to respond to the thread here or by following the vimeo thread.

Dorkbot meetings are grassroots gatherings of scientists, artists, designers and engineers. Visit for the overall concept. By the way, Raleigh Dorkbot group (TechShopRDU) just had their monthly meeting yesterday Sept 8! The photo illustrates the poster for the session, in which Chris Rossi presentation entitled "An Inexpert Tinkerer's Introduction to Paleoelectronics: Musical Instrument Amplification with High Voltage Vacuum Tubes." Wish I had been there!


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Dustin is with Dorkbot Austin. Mark Plaga is with Dorkbot Raleigh (or rather: TechShop, in the outskirts of the Triangle Research Park). 

The video of Mark's kid controlling a WII-game with a spring horse went viral in a few weeks. This one is of Mark himself; sound and image have less quality than the one with his son but it allows me to quote one of the Youtube comments:

"OK, come on and admit it. The little kid in you still enjoys riding spring horses and you finally figured a legit reason to ride on one without anyone suspecting. ;-)"