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Problem #2: Keeping bodies in

Problem #2: Keeping bodies in...

This is my 3rd post on a series that aims at identifying challenges and solutions found for typical and other less typical problems posed to virtual conferences' organizers. This series of posts is especially pertinent when Second Life is used as a complementary or alternative conference space.

In the case of Slactions 09 , SL was a complementary space, though in all the physical chapters of this conference, we had members at the real venues watching the 'in-world' conference and able to intervene and ask questions in the Q+A session.

I called problem #1 'keeping bodies away'. I am calling problem #2 "keeping bodies in".

It may sound negative to post first on keeping participants away and then on ensuring participation. The fact of the matter is that too many avatars in a limited space - a problem often known in SL lingo as 'overcrowding' - is a trivial cause for the slowing down of avatars' movements, which will eventually lead to crashes and, in the long run, to someone irreversible dropout of Second Life.

Summarizing our problem

- we have on-site participants distributed across 8 cities in 6 countries (Finland dropped out since my previous post). They will be looking at a large screen at areal space and posing questions through the chapter representative to the virtual speaker. This can be rather boring unless we make this process as dynamic as possible...

- we have online participants who will be at the virtual amphitheater and will be seen by the participants at the physical chapters as member of the audience. Online participants can also pose questions in the Q+ A period following each presentation. I will post the solutions found on the next post.


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