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Yeeha! Go Texas:) First regional THATCamp coming up...

THATCamp Austin is a user-generated “unconference” on digital humanities, inspired by the original THATCamp hosted by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University

When: evening of August 11, 2009 | Where: UT Austin | More about the event here

Now... This event made me thing of emerging formats for academic events, particularly those that seem to embrace social media well. The great lightning talks in Hastac III are such an example.

Just as a footnote, I am reminded of the last SXSW conference in Austin where one moderator decided to use the LCD projector to expose the dialogue that was happening 'in the back... meaning: in the chatroom system provided by SXSW to the audience but that had until then occurred 'behind the scenes" almost as a collective gossip. Many moderators followed his example and the discussions took really interesting (sometimes bordering dangerous:)) twists and turns.

This was a radical 'move' though - one that only a 'traditionally irreverent' event like SXSW could handles well... Or not?... My question  is - can academic 'traditionally compliant' :) events' formats reinvent themselves as unconferences and other (pioneer) forms? Let's hear about it...:)

Ana Boa-Ventura



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