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Introduction from a First-time HASTAC Scholar

Hello, fellow HASTAC schoars, it is my great pleasure to become a member of this community this year. I am Amy Yao, an ABD from EALC of UIUC, working on my dissertation about Contemporary Chinese Women's Art. I would never have imagined myself to become this involved in an online scholarly community, had I not started taking GWS courses. I had fulfilled the PhD credit requirement before I gained my ABD status, but decided to do a GWS graduate minor at the beginning of this semester. Taking the FemTechNet course "Collaborations in Feminism and Technology" opens a whole new window to my academic world. All of a sudden, I seem to be exposed to various active digital humanities communities. Although I haven't "calculated" how much I've learned through participating in some online lectures and workshops, I have to say that there has been so much out there for me to absorb.

As a new HASTAC scholar, I am still in the process of learning about what I can do with this online "voicing" opportunity. There are so many things going on near the end of my graduate life. Conferences, teaching, last grad courses, field work, dissertation, not to mention the unavoidable job hunting, and a life beyond my academic role. What can I share and how shall I share here? Without blogging experiences, and without a habit to talk aloud to a public except to my undergrad students, I will have to test the waters first and hopefully I will soon find out what I really want to share with a community of scholars.

Btw, after watching the online event "What Is a Dissertation? New Models, New Methods, and New Media," I have been tempted to try Scalar since my dissertation includes many paitings and video installations. However, when I tested Scalar on an upcoming conference paper, I was kind of scared away. I just wonder how many of you are Scalar users. Perhaps I should give Scalar another try.

Again, my great pleasture to be part of this community.

And Happy semester!  





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