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Who is Amy Rae Fox?

Who is Amy Rae Fox?

Greetings readers!  Thank you for taking a moment to read about me, and why I've joined the HASTAC Scholars.  

After completing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, I reluctantly embarked on a ten-year journey as a technology consultant.  (Really, I wanted to be a lighting designer for a touring dance company; but no one was hiring.) Instead, I joined the ranks of IBM, where for five years I criss-crossed the country, working in 8 industries and 4 four time zones.  I wore many hats:  from “solution architect” to “analyst” to “project manager” and “designer”, I most often found myself playing the role of universal translator.   I swam the murky waters between technology users and technology makers, facilitating teams in developing a shared understanding of their needs, and how best to meet them.    

Always my work provided me with ample opportunity to observe human–technology interaction, generating a multitude of questions.  How is my use of technology impacting the way I interact with my environment?  Is it affecting the way I solve problems, or my social connectedness?  Is it impacting my identity? What is the significance of my emotional response to technology? Can technology be designed to mitigate negative impacts, or enhances positive ones?

I think there are enough compelling questions in technology, psychology and education to keep one busy exploring for a life time!  This was my motivation for returning to graduate school. As a graduate student, I am exploring ways to mitigate negative and enhance positive impacts of technology use, with particular attention to self-improvement and educational applications.   I am currently working on a dual Masters degree in Cognitive Visualization and Education.  In the future, I hope to perform doctoral work in Psychology and Human Computer Interaction.  In the broadest sense, my interest is the impact of technology use on human emotion and cognition. 

Of course … this is just my story to date.   I am a work in progress!  The reason I have joined this community is to learn, grow and develop alongside other collaborative enthusiasts.  I expect my interests and passions will grow and develop as well.  Thank you in advance, fellow HASTAC’ers, for collaborating with me, allowing me to learn and be inspired by you, and for contributing to our shared body of knowledge.  


PS.  Here are five fun facts about me!

  1. I am a dual US-Canadian Citizen.
  2. I’m currently living in Germany, finishing a semester of intensive psychology coursework. 
  3. I own a home in Durham, NC.  I was born in Canada, but am a Southerner at heart.  Go Tarheels!
  4. I am an ENFJ.  
  5. I once worked for Duke University, just down the hall from the HASTAC offices.  

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