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Hey, I'm Amy. I'm just starting my second year of graduate studies in the Public Humanities program at Brown University. The Public Humanities MA is similar to a museum studies degree, but it is based on a more expansive and interdisciplinary model "the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage and the arts." I just returned from a nomadic summer assisting with projects in Ireland and Virginia, and am excited to be back in Providence. 




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Hi Amy- my name is Bryce, and I did my MA just up the road from you at Brandeis University in Cultural Production. I'm now living it up in Oregon doing PhD work. I've done a lot of work with digital media and museums, particularly around integrating social media INTO exhibits and exhibition halls in an attempt to make a more fluid connection between the digital museum and the 'physical' one. I'm glad to find another museum minded person on here, and look forward to scoping out your future bloggings :)