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Voyant and Dartmouth College Commencement

Voyant and Dartmouth College Commencement

I used Voyant to analyze two websites for Dartmouth College Commencement. Every try came up with most frequent words and a snapshot of the website analysis. For example, the first one was

The results were:

Those frequent words were reasonable are proportional to the main idea. But, I had to read the speech several times to understand what's the theme of the speech. He basically talks about of the life and commitment, struggles, failure and success. The main theme of his speech is about "commitment" and the other words like "love" and "life" are parts of the "commitment". However, it appears less than the other words (15 times).

This speech is not about love, and life. It's about "life commitment" and "love commitment". Also, the word "Dartmouth" was not the main theme here.

The second website was:

Most frequent words in the corpus: world (15); people (11); challenge (9); borders (7); mind (6)


After comaring the above websites, I found that the "people" is most commont word there. Voyant has an intellijent mechanism (AJAX) that could guest words when you are typing them in frequencies textbox.


David Brooks, Commencement Address:


Leymah Gbowee, Commencement Address:

Both speeches are about "people" different prospective. These two simple examples show that Voyant is a good tools for content analyzing.


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