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Working as a teammate

Working as a teammate

We are supposed to perform a group project to analyze Dartmouth commencement speakers websites.First of all, every member of team should analyze the tasks individually using some tools like Voyant and then extracts most frequently words, and then analyze the website. After, all team members should bring all of the analysis together.

I have two tasks ("Dartmouth commencement speakers websites) which should finalize them by Sunday night. I personally know some programming and data analysis skills and am going to create a tools for representing our analysis based on timing. My teammates are different major and it is good to work with them in a unified project. During creating my tools, I am going to explain them how does it work.

We also got to know about XML and the other tools in the class and every of us are learning new tools for this project. Some of these tools are voyant-tools, and also there are plenty of tools in These tools help up how to analyze the contents and how to visualize them in appropriate forms. Some of them offer network/graph forms, another one allows the importing of “textual” files to perform analysis on the frequency and linkage of terms. Generally, this project let us to explore a lot of data analysis tools and learn how to use them. Data analysis is an interdisciplinary between social science and mathematics. There are some parts: analysis and visualizing, text mining... and creating a reliable tool takes a lot of time, creating and testing. These tools we are using are offered in reliable website with high citations. So, we could use them instead om implementing them by ourselves.



I'm glad to see that you feel it's a positive experience to work with people from different majors - I agree! The one question, and you seem to pose this question yourself, is whether we have to rebuild our own tool when tools on "reliable websites with high citations" already exist. Do you think we have to build a timeline when the tool Abby showed us already exists? Are there other ways you think your programming and data analysis skills could be applied?


Thank you for your comment. We should discuss about it and see what's "the best" for our project. We defeinately consider available tools. I said if there are something missing, I can create them for us!


What tools are you interest in creating? 


It depends on our need. I have some ideas and explained them yesterda. There are some available tools, and we should see what we have and what we need!