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Social Media Abuse

Social Media Abuse

Until few years ago, you had to use laptops or Desktops to access to internet. Now, almost everyone has a cell phone and access to internet. In the past, having a phone number was very essential. Now, having access to internet seems to be very important. Most of payments, communications, social medias, news, registrations are online and there are thousands of social media websites that connect people together. Access to social networks, so important that specific applications have been created there. Almost all young people chat via social medias like Facebook. Mobile phones have become more important device for handling social media communications to phone calls! Every day billions photos and comments submit there.

Unfortunately, some people misuse the Internet like misinformation, insulting, forgery, fraud, threatening, leaking protected information or fraudulent email messages all go by "Cybercriminals". Still there are not restriction rules against those crimes. Last year, I received a fraud phone calls from Microsoft they wanted to reach out my laptop for a technical support.

Publishing personal pictures and videos are annoying. Sometimes it makes a tragedy. Some years ago, a 12-year-old girl hanged up herself in front yard after a sexual assault and a blog posting. Police were not able to remove video from all websites, because some people had captured video and it has been published in a lot of websites.

Unfortunately, it sounds like that social media posts can now be used against you!




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