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"feminist trolling"

"feminist trolling"

I was telling my old man about this project, and he was like "I'm excited about this, you and a gang feminist trolling an academic message board". HA HA HA HA! Surely I must not be the first person to posit that if feminist actions were actually as brash as they are oft-described, it would be awesome. Can you imagine a feminist 4 Chan? Jezebel commenter types in cahoots with tweens as they say, shut down the Proctor and Gamble web site and send 600 pizzas to Rick Santorum's vacation house? Sadly, this fantasy breaks down as soon as I realize that feminists are usually the trolled, and rarely the trolls themselves.

Besides, we have Better things to do! Like talk about Jil Sander's return. Actually, does anyone care about fashion weeks anymore? I feel like the democritization of the fashion show vis a vis a million television shows and shitty twitpics from rando celebrities just makes me totally uninterested in that space. Like, I would rather just watch Wiseman's Model for the millionth time, shop the sale racks as per usual, read Purple when I go to get my hair cut and call it a day!



Anyway, I guess I did engage in a bit of obnoxious, if not totally trolly behavior, when this post was retweeted around.

First of all, my political inclination is to think "impostor syndrome" is the result of an ENVIRONMENT/ PREVALENT CULTURE THAT IS NOT WELCOMING OR INCLUSIVE TO YOU OR YOUR EXPERIENCES. And I think that gender (along with race and class) is almost always a factor in such.

I would also never identify myself  as a "n00b". (Because what does that even mean? I have often thought that the neologism is alienating to women because it looks too much like "boob". I spend enough time on breastfeeding message boards as it is!) I, for one, have been around the block a few times.

Secondly, do you catch this comment stream, full of feminine names, all sort of back-pattig and apologizing? I'm not even going to get into it. (NOT TRYING TO BEEF!) So I cleared the air, at least in my mind, by tweeting a photo of my newly-unpacked vanity:

YES THAT IS A BOTTLE OF VINTAGE BANDIT! Although all I'm wearing these days is Olo Violet/Leather.

I dunno. Fellow feminist troll gang members, am I just getting too worked up? Or can I get a backup for some Critical Flippancy?




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