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Midweek check-in FSDW15

We are halfway through FSDW15, and I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your peer groups. I most certainly am . In addition to reviewing each other's work, we met last night (and will meet again) on Thursday via Google Hangouts.

The community element of this workshop is so strong, and I feel reinvigorated by my interactions with my writing group. I am reminded of the wonderful post that Sara DiCaglio wrote in April about FSDW:

I'd like to highlight reason number 5 in her post:

Writing workshops are a form of self-care.

"For me, this is perhaps the most important reason and thus merits repeating. Writing workshops are a form of self-care. Writing workshops involve reaching out to others to obtain sustenance for our writing. They help sustain us as writers by allowing us to engage in community building. But that very self-care aspect can make it easy to make excuses about why we don't participate. We bury writing workshops under a pile of books we’d like to read, things we need to do, and people we’d like to be. Many of us are time or locationally bound in one way or another, for financial, familial, disability-related, work-related, or other reasons; we may not be able to make it to an in-person writing workshop. So an a synchronous workshop like FSDW can help cut through the excuses that prevent us from engaging in this kind of care."

How is your workshop going? 




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