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You Say Red I See Blue

If you are trying to dance to a slow song you can't use fast movements. Dance is about feeling the song. It is about the perception of the song, not just the moves you were told to do. If you watch a television show like “Dancing with the Stars”, you will see the dances just come together, but that's not how they really work. The dancers listen to song after song trying to get the right feel for the dance. Sometimes, they listen to a song over and over until they see a dance in their head that represents what they want to show.

I was never good at expressing myself until dance. I could hear a song and understand what the artist was feeling by the type of the music and their voice. I learned how to translate that to my body, so I could show others. This became a regular thing for me to do. Dance is boring if you make it boring.

 I went to Russia to study ballet; while I was there I learned a dance where the character was a princess. We had to dance as if we were a princess. Our teacher realized that we had no idea what a princess had to do besides what we saw in movies, so she put a tiara on our head and said dance without letting the tiara fall off. We all stood three inches taller than we actually were. This is because we had the perception of being a princess. This is just one example that shows how our perception can change based on others or based on how we view it.

Dance is a great way to learn others points of views, not only in dance but in life in general. Dance is how I learned to see what others view through their eyes. If I could translate someone’s song to my body, then I could see someone’s point of view.

Dance taught me that perceptions are different for everyone about everything. Even if something is simple for me it may not be for others. Take colors for example, everyone in the world can think of red and see something different. I had a teacher who thought red was big and every time we had a big movement she said make it red. I didn’t think the same as her when I heard the word red I thought of not a pure red but a brownish red like the soil. I thought more earth tones, so I danced like I couldn’t be lifted off the ground. In my head, the earth grabbed my feet and wouldn’t let me go.

This makes teaching something common almost impossible to do the same, because what we think is simple for some student’s means a lot to others. Some catch on rather quickly, while some students don’t understand at all no matter what language, analogies, or colors you use. Something simple as a flick of the hand, in dance, makes me feel bold and powerful, while for others it could mean go away I don’t want to dance with you. Perceptions of anything should not be taken lightly or treated the same way, whether it is about a princess, a flick of the wrist, or a color. 


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