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Help Digital Humanities Now “Discover the Best in DH Scholarship”

Originally posted December 1st, 2012 at

Digital Humanities Now (DHNow) is an innovative project for finding and amplifying the best digital humanities scholarship out there, including everything that falls under the radar or surfaces only briefly via a few RTs on Twitter. DH Now works by aggregating a massive list of DH feeds (e.g. blogs and digital journals) and employing volunteer editors-at-large to help sift the signal from the noise. Sheila Brennan previously wrote on HASTAC about DHNow as "a new model for digital publications".

I won’t be writing a regular post this week as I’ll be working as an editor-at-large, reading through a large number of DH articles and posts and nominating the best of the week’s publications. You can also read the feeds for my nominations for Editor’s Choice, DH news, and DH resources this week and after. I can also suggest the four Literature Geek blog posts that were picked up by DH Now this year:

And finally–if you have any interest in the digital humanities, do consider volunteering. Even if you’re new to the field, the experience will expose you to a wide variety of the work being done right now.


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