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Network_Ecologies & Digital Network Metabolism

I am a media-lit scholar at Duke University investigating technohuman(ist) cultures, network ecologies, augmented realities, info architectures, and digital humanities scholarship. 

My current research is two-fold and I am working now to fold those two folds together: 1) I am mapping an Ecology of Networks and recently conceived and organized the Network_Ecologies Symposium*; 2) I am forumulating a theory of digital network metabolism using digital archives as my object of (media) study. 

I blog at Textured_Literature, post research and teaching notes at and, and I tweet @stargould.

I am a second-year HASTAC Scholar, one of the inaugural PhD Lab Scholars at Duke’s PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge (a member of the Praxis Network), a member of Mark Hansen’s Speculative Computing Lab, and a newly anointed Duke ‘Flipping the Classroom’ Faculty Fellow.

For more information, see my website for a bibliography, research notes, and syllabi + course websites.

*It was an extraordinary event and I'll post a recap soon. Keep an eye out too, on our website, for Symposium video and for progress notes on our forthcoming Network_Ecologies Scalar pubilcation.



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