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Can you make robots dance? The Duke STEAM Challenge asks you to try

Dancing Robots, Ecological Orchestras, Humanitiarian Apps, and Mathematico-technological  Art: The Duke STEAM Challenge asks, What can you produce using STEAM methods?


As I mentioned last week, I had the pleasure of working with the Duke STEAM team this summer and, following the success of our Duke STEAMy Summer Challenge, we are excited to see what our talented Duke community comes up with next.

The Duke STEAM Challenge, debuting this fall, is an undergraduate, graduate and professional student challenge designed to explore new ways that Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics–along with the humanities and social sciences–might contribute to one another for the greater good.

STEAM Challenge teams will identify a real world problem or issue and suggest an idea for a project-based solution that utilizes an interdisciplinary approach bridging the STEM disciplines with the arts, humanities, and social sciences in meaningful ways. The winning team will receive a prize of $10,000, second place will receive a prize of $3,000 and third place will receive a prize of $2,000. All winning teams will receive publicity and networking opportunities.

See our website for full details, rules, FAQs, scheduled meet-up events, and a submission timeline for projects.

On our website you'll also find a rather stunning array of STEAM project examples - many directly from Duke - that we hope will inspire your efforts, and a downloadable STEAM project Toolkit that provides tips, tools, and resources for instructors and students interested in creating STEAM projects and courses.

Are you at Duke? I challenge you to submit a project or to integrate STEAM methods into your classrooms and coursework. Not at Duke? I reissue last week's challange: Can you be as STEAMy as the Duke STEAMy Summer Challenge?

Follow our progress and connect with on Facebook, @dukesteam on Twitter, and on Pinterest



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