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Augmented Reality + Photography + Gaming

I am working on a list of resources for a colleague who seeks projects, resources, and theory engaging Augmented Reality + Photography + Gaming. He is specifically interested in online gaming that uses photography. I thought we might mobilize the (brilliantly savvy) HASTAC community for a bit of crowd-sourced feedback to expand the list. Please contribute! 

My list begins here, with an overview of Augmented Reality + Photography resources.

  1. Project PaperClip: AR Bridges Sight and Sound
  2. AR Occupy: Photos and videos of protests and protestors from other parts of the world (Egypt and Tunisia, for instance) were placed into AR space geolocated into the physical spaces of NYS OWS. Global activists stood side-by-side."Skwarek is gathering photos and videos of protesters as well as 3D models and other protest-related art from people all over the world, and displaying them on Wall Street via his ProtestAR layer." OWS Protest Enters Augmented Reality and AR Occupy Wall Street
  3. AR+photography overlays: History of the Blitz BombingsGhosts: War Artist Superimposes World War II Photographs On Modern Scene
  4. Museums are using AR + photography 1) to digitally annotate photographs in the gallery space 2) to digitally insert photographs into AR space
  5. AR photo contest via National Archives: NARA AR Photo Contest
  6. 3D photography AR + gaming: 3D Photography and AR


Please add here your sources or tweet them to @stargould. Contributions greatly appreciated.


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