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Dyslexia and "the blind leading the blind"


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We are no longer in The Age of Information.  We are now in The Age of Information Overload and the beginning of The Age of Comprehension.

While the key to survival may have evolved from having superior strength to having superior knowledge, information is now so plentiful that the key to survival is no longer the acquisition of information but rather is becoming the ability to filter or weed-out extraneous information.  Knowing what to ignore is becoming almost as important as what you know, and being able to clearly see that relevant information is becoming the key to survival.

The value of "Peer Review" is because it serves as a frame of reference of those who have comparable skills at filtering extraneous information and comparable skills at understanding the connections made in the publication (both the "Gestalt psychology" as well as technical skills).  

But in a world where hierarchy alone is not the source of wisdom and authority, a "self-created" set of peers is an evolutionary model as the source of wisdom becomes the real world rather than just "the authorities."