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Work Habits and Web Design

This has been a very unique semester for me.

This is due mostly to my internship with the Digital Humanities Department. The independent-format of learning has been new for me- creating my own syllabus, working on my own time, and setting my own goals. In a previous post, I reviewed my semester and I talked about how this internship was making me aware of my tendency to procrastinate. Because of that tendency, I would do all my other work as it was due during the week, and then only have the weekend left to cram in my week's work for the internship. I learned pretty quickly that wasn't going to work. I am now setting daily goals so that I view the work on a day-to-day basis rather than the whole amount of work due weekly. This is working out really well for me, and for the most part I've stayed on track with my goals and getting through the classes on Team Treehouse. 

This week has put me behind a week, because I took some time to think about my final project that is coming up as well as reviewing a few sections that I've noticed I feel a little weak on. I feel like right now that was more important for me than pushing through another week. I didn't really think about the aspect of review and practice when I was creating my syllabus in the beginning, and now I'm realizing that with this type of work it's really important for me to brush up on a few things as I quickly move through each new concept- especially because coding is brand new to me in every aspect.

I've taken a lot out of this for future encounters with independent studies or work. The most important being to set daily goals by breaking up my weekly work. Also I've learned that I need to be aware of making time for "practice." Along with going through the material, it's really important for me to take time (like this week) to brush up and do some hands-on work with what I'm learning to sort of quiz myself and see what I need work on and then refresh myself on those concepts and sections. Although I think having an ambitious syllabus to start with is a good thing. It's helped push me along and keep me striving when it's possible. It's always better to have to cut back some of the work than to meet my goals and stop short of what I could really accomplish beyond what I initially set.

This week in thinking about my final project, a portfolio website, I've been playing with Wordpress and customization of themes with JavaScript and CSS. I think what I really want to strive for is creating an interactive header or page with JavaScript that will interact with the cursor. I want a header that will link to the other pages or material that I add to the website, and will react to the cursor. I'm thinking a simple colored box with circles with the titles inside. When the cursor goes over the circles they will enlarge and when clicked will link to other material on site. I was also thinking of possibly using the same type of idea on a contact page like for the links to my Twitter and Facebook and such. I really enjoy playing with the interactivity of Javascript and my goal is to use it on my main page. I also know I will be using CSS in the style sheet to change the fonts and color scheme within my Wordpress. I want to keep the website pretty clean and professional looking, but I want it to look modern and sleek. I feel like the interactivity that I mentioned will add just the right mix of fun and professionalism, as well as showcasing what I've learned.

Playing with my website this week really made all the work I've been doing come to life for me. Seeing the concepts I've been practicing actually begin changing the format of my website was exciting. I've been looking at examples of portfolio websites and taking notes of what I like and what I think will work for my own, and I can't wait to keep practicing JavaScript and get interactivity on my own page. 


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