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Hello- I am Ali and I am a Ph.D. candidate in the history department. Originally from south Jersey I received my BA in history from Rutgers University and completed my masters here at Temple in 2014. Because of a persuasive advisor I decided to continue on at Temple in the Ph.D. program.  

I focus on twentieth-century American environmental history, with a particular interest in politics and policies related to environmental activism. I defended my dissertation prospectus in May and am writing an environmental history of the anthracite coal mining region in Northeastern Pennsylvania in order to unravel the interconnectivity of various interest groups operating in the region. I would like to use digital methods in my project in order to help visualize environmental initiatives such as tree planting campaigns and efforts to fill strip-mining pits. I’d like to look specifically at their proximity to new industrial plants and commercial centers, hopefully creating some type of layered map. Creating a digital tool will enable me to examine the correlation between environmental action and the economic health of the region.

I have a full plate this semester. I am teaching, TAing, and working at the Temple University Writing Center. When I am not working I love to read and run. I also love the outdoors and am an avid backpacker and hiker. 


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I look forward to seeing this develop during the year. Where is your data about tree planting going to come from? With that, the rest is totally feasible, and I think you'll be interested in today's Omeka workshop, as a possible platform. but I especially like how this will become part of your dissertation. Ambitious!