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Critical Ethnic Studies conference

This weekend at UC Riverside will be the inaugural conference of the Critical Ethnic Studies Association: Critical Ethnic Studies and the Future of Genocide.

It's a seriously amazing lineup: just look at this list of plenary speakers.

Keith Camacho | Cathy Cohen | Glen Coulthard | Angela Davis | Gina Dent |  Vicente Diaz
Roderick Ferguson | Ruth Wilson Gilmore | Gayatri Gopinath | Herman Gray | Judith Halberstam
Lisa Hajjar | Cheryl Harris | David Lloyd | Lisa Lowe  | Fred Moten | Jos Muoz | Nadine Naber | Hiram Prez
Laura Pulido | Michelle Raheja | Dylan Rodrguez | Sarita See | Denise da Silva | Audra Simpson
Nikhil Singh | Andrea Smith | Dean Spade | Neferti Tadiar | Joo Costa Vargas | Waziyatawin

And that isn't even counting all the other panels. 

(For those of you reading this who aren't familiar with these scholars and activist-scholars and public intellectuals: you really, really won't regret looking up their work.)

A conference Tumblr has been set up for optionally-anonymous crowdsourced liveblogging, and the Twitter hashtag will be #cesa11 ; please use it if you post anything from or about the conference.

I've been an unofficial social media helper since I persuaded organizer Jayna Brown to join Twitter at the Eaton Conference a few weeks ago, so I will be tweeting lots at @alothian and possibly dipping my toes into Tumblr after all the liveblogging I did at DML last weekend.

I can't make it Thursday, but I will be attending on Friday and Saturday; see you there?


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