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Discussion and Debates

An integral part of our program was to think about issues of safety and privacy on the internet. The youth engaged in discussions about what to share and how to share it. Using our own experiences, news stories, and research we had a rich (and ongoing) discussion about what can and should be shared. 

Here are the guiding questions the youth developed to inform their peers:

  1. Is this a trusted website and do they really need this information? (When prompted for personal information)
  2. What are the privacy settings on this website? How do I set them? (Is anything we ever post really private?!)
  3. If I am under 18, do I have permission from my parents to be on this site and/or post content?
  4. Does this content hurt someone else? Why am I posting this?
  5. Does this media belong to me? If not, is it ok for me to use it? Have I given appropriate credit?
  6. When posting images, have I asked everyone in the photo if it is ok to put it up? 
  7. What are the ownership and usage policies associated with this website? Does posting give them rights and persmissions to use your photos?
  8. If you see something inappropriate online, do you know who to tell? (Parents and/or Teachers)




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