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Teaching Terrorism in the Classroom

Having recently graduated from high school, I feel well educated when it comes to general subjects such algebra or history. However, there is one topic that was rarely touched in my twelve years of schooling, the idea of terrorism. For a topic that I see regularly headlining the daily news it only seems logical for schools to educate students about the real dangers that are currently happening around the world. Terrorism is a very real threat against humanity, and most students are unaware of the real dangers outside the United States.

            When asked about terrorism, most American students think directly of the September 11th attacks, although the attacks are indeed acts of terrorism, there is a lot more information to interpret. When referring to attacks on American soil, the bombing of the world trade center in 1993 and the Oklahoma City bombing are often overlooked. Both of these attacks saw far more casualties than the recent Boston Marathon Bombings, but the American Public commonly forgets them. I for one was never taught about these two tragic events in American history classes.

            After researching reasons for the lack of terrorism education I was able to come to a conclusion for this problem. The conclusion being that most terrorism attacks on US soil have occurred fairly recently. History teachers generally don’t even enter the 21st century in their lesson plan, which is becoming a huge problem for American education. I believe the 21st century serves as one of the most crucial when it comes to recent history, this century contains a day that will never be forgotten, the September 11th, 2001 attacks. The attacks forever changed America, from overall security to immigration; America was never the same since the attacks. Today, we live in a completely different America, which is why history students need to be aware of the effects that terrorism has on America. Before the attacks, full body scanners at airport security were science fiction, nowadays; passengers are forbid to even carry shampoo on the plane. Other changes saw American deportations double, along with a completely revamped security program in the United States. It has recently been discovered that American citizens have had their emails and messages read by government employees. The reasoning behind the spying is to avoid future threats to the country. Without research and constant updates from the news, I would be unaware of some of the major changes in America due to terrorism.

            Another reason I believe students need to become aware of terrorism in todays world is due to the current problems we’re facing with terrorism. As many know, the Islamic State (ISIS) is gaining numbers as the days progress, showing that terrorism shows no signs of stopping, and with no simple tactic to stop it, we need to prepare knowledgeable plans to limit this problem the best we can. This is where American students come in, students today are the future of America, and includes the fight against terrorism. With terrorism organizations such as ISIS and Al Qaeda gaining support, we need people with knowledge on the topic. Bringing me back to the importance of educating American students about terrorism history and current information that is regularly on the news.

            With previous knowledge on terrorism along with future advances in technology and weaponry, the fight against terrorism, ongoing since 2001, could see massive progress and lead the United States towards a war-free, peaceful country it once was. 


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