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Planning for the Future with my best friends HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

             As I continue to learn many different forms of code I have come to question multiple things about myself. The first major one has been my time management skills. I have changed my syllabus every single week because I cannot seem to get through more than 3-5 hours of material in one week. One reason for this is that I like to do no more than one to two sections at a time. Sometimes the material does not stick so I have to review. I do not believe that I am getting behind in my work at all but hope that I will finish the “Front End Development” track on Team Treehouse at the end of the semester. The second major thing is that some code/programming is a lot harder than others. No matter how much I follow along and do the code I never fully grasp it. This I believe will just take more and more practice. Over my winter break I will take another training course so that I can reinforce what I have already been learning on Team Treehouse. I have also begun to start completely hand-coding a website. I am hand-coding my own “practice” website so that I continue to reinforce my HTML, CSS, Java, and jQuery skills. I hope one day to get into python and ruby but I first want to get a better grasp on HTML and CSS.

             I so far this semester have learned so much more than I expected, and believe that Team Treehouse is one of the best training sites out there, in my opinion. I just hope I do not slack over winter break and forget what I have learned. So far so good!

             If in the future I encountered the same problems, first I would plan out my time a lot better and understand the difficulty of the content more than the time it takes to complete the videos. The time is irrelevant if your goal is to understand the material. Second, I would hope never to encounter lack of understanding the material, if I do I will just have to practice more and more to become not just more knowledgeable but more efficient.   

             For my special project I do not know if I want to use WordPress, I do not want to sound crazy but I really want to dive into fully creating my website writing out all three aspects of a great website, content(HTML), style(CSS), and interactivity(JavaScript). If I do use WordPress I am defiantly going to check out the courses on WordPress found on Team Treehouse and learn how to create my own WordPress theme with CSS. Most likely I would want to create a more responsive theme, I have used a similar theme called “Responsive” in a blog I made last semester and it allows for a lot of widgets and seems more user friendly. I will attempt using JavaScript but most likely I would just use jQuery I feel like jQuery is just easier and if jQuery gives me what I want I would use it. What kind of widget I would create depends on what the needs of the website are. My precise plan would be to completely code the website for my special project but if I lack the time for this I would most likely use WordPress and create my own custom theme. I would demonstrate what I have learned in my final project by showing that I can create a full powered website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have already started on my HTML and my CSS to create a template for my final project so all I would need to add is content. If I follow the four P’s of Problem Solving (Prepare, Plan, Perform, Perfect) I should be alright.


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