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Experience Learning Code(So Far)

     Throughout my career in learning code I have found myself both confused and excited at times. Throughout my exploration into the field of Digital Humanities, learning code has been my number one goal. Code is only one small part in understanding the field of Digital Humanities but I believe that understanding code before you take a complete dive into the field can make understanding what goes on in the field of Digital Humanities a lot easier. Also, with great coding skills it will be a lot easier to participate in the field of Digital Humanities. With the help of Team Treehouse I believe that I can go from getting my feet wet in code to diving right in and becoming someone with skills that one-day in the future will help me find a career. In my journey using online courses to learn code, Team Treehouse has been the best. Team Treehouse creates an environment that requires you to learn more and tests you unlike some of the other online training sites. I am truly looking forward to creating a substantial portfolio that will represent me and my skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Rudy (hopefully over winter break), and PHP in the spring.

     In using Team Treehouse I have found so far in the Front End Development I have further developed my skills already in HTML, and CSS. I have previous experience with HTML therefore the mention of HTML in the Front End Development track did not need to be specific, but I think that the a deeper dive into HTML should be needed before jumping right into the “CSS Foundation” course. I feel that HTML does not get has much attention as it should within this track. I know that if I have time I want to go through the deep dive in HTML offered by Team Treehouse because your HTML can never be too good. Understanding HTML will make using CSS a lot easier. The “How to Make a Website” section was great and helped us create a great template website that can be used to help us create a great website.  After I completed the “How to Make a Website” I ventured into the “CSS Foundations” course. This course contained a vast amount of information, and gave me almost all the information I need to know about CSS. I am happy I took a lot of written notes, because after reviewing my notes about twice a week I found that it helped me remember a lot of the vast information given to me in the course. This to me has been the most helpful course I have taken in my career in trying to learn code. After this course I began to learn JavaScript and I am very optimistic about JavaScript. I love the extra credit assignments at the end of the sections, and if you are not doing them, you should be because it helps reinforce what you just learned. My experience so far with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and coding has had its ups and downs but I truly do enjoy learning code and hope that one day I can use my skills to demonstrate what I have learned.

     As I mentioned previously I hope to one day show what I have learned in the form of websites. This internship allows me to do that, and personally I cannot wait to test myself in building a website for someone. I know I will succeed, and knowing that I will be working with one of my good friends Professor Papademitriou makes it a lot easier and exciting. So far in my DH internship I have had issues with Time Management. I do not believe that I am getting behind in my work but I need my final few weeks of the semester to be light weeks so I can work on my final project in other courses. I have made adjustments to my syllabus multiple times already. I am hoping that I can get everything on track and move through more and more content without sacrificing learning the content.


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