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Student Jouralism 2.0 Project Kick-off

I'm happy to announce that our Student Journalism 2.0 project is officially underway.

So far weve visited with several participating classes at Palo Alto High School to introduce our research project, Creative Commons, pass out forms, and answer as many questions as we can. The students seem excited to participate in the project and, as we expected, can easily connect with big ideas about the internet and online content.

We fielded questions about the nature of copyright, creator incentives to use Creative Commons, and illegal filesharing, among other topics. We take this engagement as a sign of intellectual interest in how the copyright and the internet collide.

Slides for our presentation are available on slideshare under a CC BY license.

Wed like to thank our participating teachers at Paly Esther Wojcicki, Paul Kandell, and Ellen Austin for their enthusiasm and support during the visit. We will be updating again as we meet with more classes and create more useful resources.


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