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By way of an introduction...

Venn Diagram of four circles: You love it, You are great at it, You are paid for it, and The world needs it. In the center of the diagram is your purpose.

So I guess I'll kick off the introductions? Here it goes...

I'm AJ. I'm a 6th year PhD student in the Sociology Department at Temple, though my heart is pretty well situated in the humanities. My earlier academic work was in Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies; training which deeply influences me as a sociologist. My work is flagrantly interdisciplinary and deeply connected to my own identities and communities. I believe teaching and research should be part of broader social justice movements and leverage people's minds and bodies for social change. 

I'm currently working on my dissertation, tentatively titled "Who can speak for us? The Lambda Literary Awards and the Development of a Transgender Literature." I'm looking at the role the Lambda Literary Awards play in defining and evaluating LGBT literature as a genre or subset of publishing. I'm also using topic modeling to explore what narratives are present in Lambda Literary Awards finalists and winners with transgender content. 

More broadly, my research interests focus on gender and sexuality in culture, specifically how queer and transgender identities are experienced, represented, and negotiated in popular culture, sports, and organizations. Other areas of interest include queer theory, body and embodiment, masculinities, sexualization of culture, and the sociology of sport.

When I'm not working on my dissertation or teaching classes, I can usually be found reading for pleasure, doing yoga, knitting, or watching sports on TV (Go Cubs!) or tending to my dog, boyfriend, or rabbit (not always in that order).  

Looking forward to jumping in feet first and starting to get a better grasp of the Digital Humanities!


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That's the only kind worth doing! Great summary.