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A very late introduction to... me!

Hello to the HASTAC world! While my participation recently has been fleeting with regards to my HASTAC profile and blog posts, I could not be more exited about this opportunity to work with likeminded students and thinkers! I am an undergraduate student at a small college in Central New York called Hamilton College; while we are a small institution, we have got a lot going on here by way of Digital Humanities and Technology Services. I have been an intern with the Digital Humanities Initiative here since my first year at Hamilton, which was very close to the start of the program itself. Since I have started, I have helped out on a variety of projects predominantly digitizing primary sources (who doesn't love scanning?) and actually getting involved in some of the researching myself. Two projects that I have been involved in include the Soweto Historical GIS Project- a project that aims to build a multi-layered historical geographic information system that explores the social, economic and political dimensions of urban development under South African apartheid regimes- and The Beloved Witness project- a digital archive of the video-taped readings, personal documents, letters, and manuscripts of Kashmiri-American poet Agha Shahid Ali (1949-2001). 

While my work here at Hamilton's Digital Humanities Initiative has been thrilling and enriching, I am so exited to give feedback to projects of my peers and fellow HASTAC scholars as well as receive some feedback on my (hopefully) upcoming independent project! I am currently in the beginning stages of a research based project involving women documentary film makers who are involved in digital media in some regard in either their production or dissemination of their work. 

I can't wait to get to work and see where my involvement with this program can take me and how I can participate in the projects of others as well! 


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