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An Introduction

Hello, HASTAC world.  I'm currently an undergraduate student at St. Lawrence University.  I major in English Literature and Mathematics, and have admittedly come to Digital Humanities only recently.  I plan to pursue either a J.D. or PhD, and I'm hoping that the skills I can develop through this program will allow me to incorporate DH into my studies at the doctoral level and any work I do afterward.


I am most interested in the subfields of Topic Modeling and Network Analysis, as I think that the concrete drawing of conclusions on data can not only speak about literary movements, authors, corpora, etc. on their own, but also inform individual texts and allow us to perform more informed analyses.  My current research interests are in authors like Neil Gaiman and H. P. Lovecraft, and I am currently doing a research project on Meta-Fictional comic book narratives.  I have also done a research fellowship on the relationship between fairy tales and The Twilight Zone.  My hope is that I will be able to apply Topic Modeling or Network Analysis approaches to bodies of texts in these genres or by these authors in order to make informed conclusions about the works.


Ultimately, I would like to incorporate Topic Modeling into another interest of mine: adaptation studies.  This might be a long way away, but I would like to look at how adapted works match the material they are adapting.  An example of this would be comic book adaptations of written works, and see how the topics from the written work are matched (or not) in the comic adaptation.  The ways I can go about this will hopefully become clearer as I continue my studies.


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