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St. Peter Mancroft font cover: digital model

St. Peter Mancroft font cover: digital model

In 1929, the Philadelphia Museum of Art acquired a significant collection of Late Gothic woodcarvings, primarily from the East Anglia region of England. The intention was to form a "study collection" to guide Philadelphian builders in providing Gothic-style ornament for the beautiful architecture of a growing city.

This purpose never came to fruition, however, and the 800-900 woodcarvings have remained both under-researched and under-exhitibited. I have undertaken a collection survey of these objects to move toward correcting both problems. As for research, I have been sorting through provenance records, antiquarian books, etc., in an effort to identify original locations and typologies. Luckily, I have nearly secured an attribution of four canopied, figurated panels to the font cover (late 1400s) of St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich.

I hope that the PMA will be able to display these four panels. Either way, to reconstitute them as a digital model would render them visible and comprehensible to the museum's visitors, as well as the congregation of St. Peter Mancroft.

(To be continued: I want to address how my restoration would look vis-a-vis the restored font cover, as well as art-historical issues that this project generates.) 


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Hi Amy,

I'm from Norwich, England and my father is an ex-churchwarden of St Peter Mancroft - I myself was married there.

I wondered if those panels were now displayed anywhere? I didn't know the story of their reaching Philadelphia  and would love to find out more.

Best regards,