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Race and the Digital Humanities: An OPEN NITLE Seminar

Hi everyone, I'm giving an OPEN seminar for NITLE on "Race and the Digital Humanities" on Nov 16. This will be a live webinar open to everyone, even if you're not part of the NITLE network. Please think about attending and do disseminate widely! (NB: This workshop is targetting beginners!)

Here's a description of the talk:



What is the role of race in the digital humanities? While prominent scholars such as Alondra Nelson and Lisa Nakamura have problematized the role of race in technology from the late 1990s, the relevance of race studies is only recently starting to be broached within the digital humanities: for example, by Alan Liu, Tara McPherson, Amy Earhart, Natalia Cecire, and the #TransformDHcollective. This seminar will give a brief survey of the emerging field of race and the digital humanities, introduce the audience to a variety of digital projects informed by race, and provide links to resources for people interested in working in this field. Topics covered will include: the genealogy of these debates, the theoretical assumptions that inform them, and issues to consider while constructing a race and digital humanities project.




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