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James Boyle on Google Books (video from UNC lecture)

James Boyle gave a public lecture at the UNC on October 9th, in which he discussed the controversial Google Books project within the greater context of intellectual property and copyright law, the Public Domain, and the cultural environment they shape.

Dr. Boyle gave an engaging and entertaining talk, livening up the law as he usually does and approaching the Google Books Settlement in a reasoned, pragmatic way. I was a bit surprised at his conclusions, but especially considering his experience and command of the law, he makes a convincing argument.

Here is the video:

Please excuse my nervous introduction...

I organized this event as a member of the UNC chapter of ASIS&T (American Society for Information Science & Technology), with a lot of help from fellow ASIS&T@unc and CC:ASIS&T (Carolinas Chapter) members, as well as a ton of support from UNC's Center for Media Law & Policy (a project of UNC's Journalism & Law schools).

I'm curious to hear your responses!


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