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A New Literacies Dictionary: Primer for the Twenty-first Century Learner

Adam Mackie's New Literacies Dictionary: Primer for the Twenty-first Century Learner has been published on The WAC Clearinghouse at Colorado State University. The dictionary and primer is addressed to twenty-first century teachers and twenty-first century learners. The hyperlinked entries are a resource, a reference, and a tool for those interested in teaching lessons in new literacies or for those seeking ideas, samples, discussions, and reflections on digital and multimodal texts. A discussion on a contemporary definition of new literacy can be found within the entry on "Literacy," for example, but can be understood as a "sociocultural perspective on literacy" (Lankshear and Knobel 1) or a literacy accounting for the relational aspects of information exchange. An underlying goal of the dictionary is to connect teachers and students in the twenty-first century with a resource that offers multi-literate inspiration in an age of ever-changing literacy.

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