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Hello, group! We've tossed around a couple of ideas regarding our project, but I was looking at the email Fiona sent out and it seems like it could be a great opportunity for us. Anyone interested in co-authoring a paper? I've pasted the email content below for easy reference:

Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology

Issue 8: Gender, Globalization and the Digital

Edited by Adeline Koh and Roopika Risam

We invite contributions to a peer-reviewed special issue that investigates the conditions of women and gender studies within digital spaces and cultures around the world. According to the popular internet meme “On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog,” digital spaces offer a playing field free from the restraints of race, class, gender and disability. Yet, as Lisa Nakamura, Alondra Nelson and Anna Everett have shown, digital interfaces, worlds, hardware and software still recycle and replicate racialized and gendered frameworks from the “real” world. Additionally, the idea that many scientific and technological fields suffer from a “gender gap” is a prevalent one, manifesting in underrepresentation of women in STEM fields, the lack of female editors that are active on Wikipedia, the masculine “brogramming” cultures in Silicon Valley, and the limited representation of women in video games.

In this issue we seek essays that explore gender and sexuality concerns in digital spaces and cultures, as well as academic fields such as the digital humanities and computational sciences. Possible topics include: what is the shape of the global “gender gap”? Where are digital products produced and consumed and how do these reveal economic, social and structural inequalities? How do global flows of capitalism construct uneven modernities around the world? How do race and ethnicity intersect with the structure of gendered, global digital communities and diasporas? How does the digital provide and police spaces for organizing around trans issues? What are the networks of affect, intimacy and sexuality that grow out of digital cultures?  How are operations of interface, output and input structured by ideas of gender, sexuality and language? How do access and ableism structure issues of gender and sexuality in digital spaces?

Essays might include topics such as

●      Gender and the “digital divide”

●      Gender and the digital humanities/humanities computing/computer science

●      Global Digital Feminisms

●      Race, gender and online communities

●      Possibilities and pitfalls of digital spaces for *trans concerns

●      Affect, sexuality and the digital world

●      Digital capitalism and gender

●      Computer/Human languages and gender

●      Gendered construction of software/hardware/platforms

●      Disability studies, gender and computing

Please send essays (max. 3000 words) to adelinekoh[at]gmail[dot]com and rrisam[at]gmail[dot]com by 30th September 2014 for consideration. Contributions in formats other than the traditional essay are encouraged; please contact the editors to discuss specifications and/or multimodal contributions. Please send questions and queries to adelinekoh[at]gmail[dot]com and rrisam[at]gmail[dot]com. For more information, please check Ada submission guidelines here.

Peer Review and Ada

Ada is an online, open access, open source peer reviewed journal. The journal’s first issue was published online in November 2012 and has so far received more than 75,000 page views. All work published in Ada will go through four rounds of review: Pre-Review, Expert Review, Community Review and Public Review. More on the Ada Review policy here.


●      Essays due: 30th September 2014

●      28th November 2014: First round of essays accepted, sent for Level 1 Review (expert peer review)

●      20th January 2015: Second round of essays sent for Level 2 Review (Fembot community review)

●      1 May 2015: Issue published to general public.


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