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Abstract Question and Introduction


My name is Adam Bindas and as an undergraduate level student, it is my goal to take advantage of such opportunity to discuss and interact with as many of you within this program, as well as the general relm of HASTAC.  We are at an intruiging point within the human history, as for the first time we are able to create groups such as this, where entire events, research, and debate may continue past traditional physical barriers.  It would be a shame if we chose not to take advantage of it.

This morning at NJIT I had the pleasure of being invited to a roundtable debate about Criterion and other computer based writing revising software and brought up some intruiging questions.  First a debate went on to ask whether or not such software should be used as grading material if in fact it presently does not understand ideas presented within a paper.  Since the Criterion software is used to predict the scores of what a human critic would give, I asked the following: If the software is based on providing the same score that a human would provide, without becoming emotionally connected to the writing, does that mean that we as humans even review based on our emotional connection to an assignment?  An ensueing discussion ensued about whether or not a computer grader improves or hurts writing as an art and communication form.

As I am aware, several scholar's are English or Humanities majors and I am interested in what you feel about such topics.


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