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VPN Presentation Follow Up

  • Our topic was VPN’s, what they are, who uses them, how to use them, and what they do

  • We provided information, compared it to a similar service, tor, and provided an in class example

  • Here are the steps to launch and use CyberGhost a free VPN that we have looked into

  • Go to and click on free download

  • Wait for the download to finish then launch the exe.

  • This will be the screen you see after you install it and launch it, now click the button and wait for it to connect

  • And that’s it! You have successfully launched a VPN

Now that you know how to obtain a VPN, you should be reminded of what it does. VPNs can be useful for anyone for various different reasons. In simple terms, a virtual private network allows you to access information on the internet without letting the whole world know what you’re doing. It also allows you to get around censorship in different parts of the world, because it makes you, the user, anonymous online. Contrary to popular belief, a VPN is legal and cheap to use. What may be illegal is specific activity you choose to partake in while using the VPN, since VPNs tend to facilitate such activity. As far as price goes, VPN services can be as cheap as six dollars a month, and as expected, quality increases with the cost.


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