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Wikipedia Editing

I just made my first contribution to Wikipedia. It is neat that anyone can add information to Wikipedia. I appreciated how other people can go in and edit other people's work. Wikipedia has always been such a nice, one-stop shop for quick information about a new subject and typically one of the first search results too. 

The first edit that I made was finding the source on a Swedish colonization of the Americas page. I did a google search of some of the words and phrases in the lines that needed a citation. After looking through the different webpages that came up I was able to find the quote on a Swedish Empire website. I attempted to find sources for a couple of different missing citation lines, but found it difficult to find the orgnial source. 

Here is the page that I added a citation to:

My next edit was to the Chelsea filter page on Wikipedia. I wanted to find a page that was in need of more information. It was hard to find a page to edit that was lacking in infromation and that I new about the subject. I did some research on the subject and insterted a quote on the page. This was a good page to be edited because the current description is short and it lacking in formation

Below here is the Chelsea Filter page where I added a quote on the line starting with Chelsea Filters under use. 


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Abby, did you already know about Chelsea filters from your studies or a hobby? Or did you dive right in and learn about them in order to edit the page? Also, you may want to revisit the parentheses from the portion you edited -- it looks like one of the parentheses is a curly parens while the other is regular -- that is, it looks like you open with a ( and you close with a }. Can you verify this? Perhaps you want to edit that if it is indeed a typo?

Do you feel that is is more a bonus than a danger that anyone can edit any topic in Wikipedia?