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XML The Bill of Rights

One of the most important historical documents is the original Bill of Rights, its amendments provide American citizens their freedoms and liberties. For this document to be marked up from its original ink and paper to an XML file, multiple codes would need to be used. Due to the document being aged and weathered special notice to the wording and placement would need to be taken into account. The title, and the amendment headings would need to be marked up with proper title headings. The paragraphs of the amendments would need to be properly labeled in XML and organized properly.  It would also be important to preserve some of the stylistic parts of the documents, like using a cursive like font and having the screen background be a weathered brown.


It would be important for this document to be preserved well in markup. However, if it is not marked up well there are multiple other documents on the web with the different version and original images of the document. The original Bill of Rights has been transcribed multiple times and it is available many places on the web to view in common text. This is also due to the fact that the Bill of Rights is one of our nations most important documents and it is a continuous document that is always being added to. The document can be found here on the National Archives website in a copied form. It can also be found on this website as well,  where it has written out the full text of the Bill of Rights. 


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