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Practicum #1: Introduction to HASTAC and Digital Humanities

Practicum #1: Introduction to HASTAC and Digital Humanities

HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) is an online community of digital humanists whose goal is to continue the enriching and innovative field of humanities on to a collaborative online environment. The revolution of the internet and the access of information at our finger tips has changed so much including ways to learn new information and rediscover old sources as well. The blog set up of HASTAC allows people like me who are new the subject of digital humanities to explore other projects, along with the opportunity to post some of my own thoughts and ideas.


While exploring HASTAC, I found many different blog posts that were intriguing to read. One of the ones that I found particularly interesting was this blog post by Amanda Maier where she talks about how people learn differently and just because they learn differently does not mean that they are not intelligent. Amanda had a friend who was able to learn all of the material for a test, but was not able to do well on a standardized test. Her goal in this post was to show an example that not all people learn alike or can display their knowledge in the same ways. It shows that the standardized testing and learning done in schools today does not always allow every student to succeed. Today there is becoming an increasing interest and demand to take course online and online classrooms. Another digital humanities project, Codecademy, aims at creating an online learning environment that caters to people who learn in different ways. One of the ways they do this is presenting information visually and using bit sized steps. Through exploring the HASTAC website and learning more about the field of digital humanities I have discovered that there are multiple different ways that learning can take place.  


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