Badges for Lifelong Learning Research Competition

Badges for Lifelong Learning Research Competition


The Research Competition was part of the Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition, the 4th Digital Media and Learning Competition, and focused on the theme "Badges, Trophies, and Achievements: Recognition and Accreditation for Informal and Interest-Driven Learning." The Competition, funded by the MacArthur Foundation and administered by HASTAC, is run this year in collaboration with the Mozilla Foundation.

Research Competition applicants were asked to submit proposals for empirical and theoretical research focusing on recognition and accreditation for informal and interest-driven learning using badges, trophies, and achievements.

Winners of the Research Competition are:
Research Grant Winner
H. Cecilia Suhr, Miami University Hamilton, United States
A New Era of Evaluation on Music Social Networking Sites

Doctoral Student Grant Winners
Richard Mills, Lancaster University, Great Britain
Exploring the motivational effects of badges - who do badges appeal to and why?

Reginold A. Royston and Ashley Ferro-Murray, UC Berkeley, United States
Who’s Achievement? Evaluating Self-Constructed and Peer-Evaluated Badge Systems in Online Classrooms

Faculty Writing Prize Winner
Darren Cambridge, American Institutes for Research, United States
Eportfolios for Lifelong Learning and Assessment