HASTAC has had a great number of dedicated, talented, and thoughtful staff members pass through our ranks throughout the years. Our co-directors and current staff members are listed below. Our staff alumni continue to have a profound influence on the network; learn more about them here.

HASTAC Administrative Leadership Team

photo of cathy davidson, with tan jacket and smileCathy N. Davidson

HASTAC Co-Founder and Co-Director

Cathy N. Davidson co-founded HASTAC in 2002, served as Director until 2017, and continues to serve as Co-Director. Davidson is Distinguished Professor of English and Director of the Futures Initiative at the Graduate Center CUNY and Ruth F. DeVarney Professor Emerita of Interdisciplinary Studies at Duke University. She is also Co-Director of the CUNY Humanities Alliance in partnership with LaGuardia Community College and funded by the Mellon Foundation. Davidson is a renowned scholar of cultural history and technology, has published over twenty books and is the author, most recently, of The New Education: How To Revolutionize the University to Prepare Students for a World in Flux (Basic Books. 2017).

photo of jacque wernimont, smiling in front of a leafy treeJacqueline Wernimont

HASTAC Co-Director

Jacqueline Wernimont, Co-Director of HASTAC beginning in July 2017, is an anti-racist, feminist scholar working toward greater justice in digital cultures. She writes about long histories of media and technology—particularly those that count and commemorate—and entanglements with archives and historiographic ways of knowing. She is a network weaver across humanities, arts, and sciences. This work includes co-directing HASTAC and ASU’s Human Security Collaboratory. She also runs the Nexus Digital Research Co-op and is a fellow of the Global Security Institute at Arizona State University.

Katina Rogers

Katina Rogers is Director of Programs and Administration at HASTAC and The Futures Initiative at The Graduate Center, CUNY. The Futures Initiative advances equity and innovation in higher education through student-centered teaching and learning, and promotes reinvestment in higher education as a public good. Rogers's research focuses on higher education reform, including scholarly communication practices, professionalization and career development, public scholarship, and advocacy for fair labor policies. Her forthcoming book, Putting the Humanities Ph.D. to Work: Theory, Practice, and Models for Thriving Beyond the Classroom, is in contract with Duke University Press. Rogers holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Elizabeth Grumbach

Liz Grumbach is the Director of Humanities Engagement and Technical Operations for HASTAC at ASU. She is also the Project Manager for the Nexus Digital Research Co-op in the Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University. Her current research focuses on ethical practices and critical methods for producing and sharing data, especially linked open data, and exploring emerging technologies that allow the public to engage with cultural data in new ways.

Kalle Westerling

Kalle Westerling is Director of HASTAC Scholars and a Futures Initiative Graduate Fellow at the Graduate Center, CUNY. He is a Ph.D. Candidate in Theatre and Performance and is completing his dissertation on the history and aesthetics of male-identified bodies in 20th-century burlesque and 21st-century boylesque, “The Roots and Routes of Boylesque: Queering Male Striptease and Burlesque in New York City from 1930s Golden Age Burlesque to the New York Boylesque Festival in the 2010s.”

HASTAC Staff, Graduate Fellows, and Student Workers

kitana's picture
Position: Mellon Humanities Alliance Postdoctoral Fellow, The Futures Initiative
Bio: I am a Mellon Humanities Alliance Postdoctoral Fellow at The Futures Initiative, at The Graduate Center, CUNY. The Futures Initiative advocates greater equity and innovation in higher education through student-centered...
JenniferBrn27's picture
Position: Communications and Digital Content Development intern and PhD Candidate
Bio: Is currently a 4th year PhD candidate of Spanish cultural studies at Arizona State University. Her dissertation will focus on digital works written and created by female authors and artists from a transatlantic...
scott.caddy's picture
Position: Graduate Student / Teaching Assistant
Bio: Scott Caddy is a PhD candidate for the English - Literature program at ASU. He is also a certificate-seeking student in Digital Humanities. Research interests are Jane Austen (in academia, pop culture, and digital media...
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Position: Graduate Student, HASTAC@ASU
Bio: I am a technical support assistant at Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory and currently pursuing my masters in Computer Science at Arizona State University. My interest areas are Web...
aguess's picture
Bio: Allison Guess is a doctoral student focusing on critical (Black) geographies in the program of Earth and Environmental Sciences at The Graduate Center at CUNY. Currently, Allison is a Doctoral Futures Initiative Fellow...
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Position: Student
Bio: Doctoral Student at CUNY Graduate Center
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Position: College Assistant
Bio: Celi Lebron recently graduated from City College of New York with a Bachelor in Computer Engineering and a minor in English creative writing. Along her studies, Celi discovered her interest in Finance and she started...
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Position: F.I. Leadership Fellow Director and Admin Specialist
Bio: Lauren Melendez is a graduate student at Hunter College pursuing a Master of Science in Education degree and Leadership Director & Administrative Specialist of the Futures Initiative at The Graduate Center, CUNY
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Position: PhD Candidate in NLP
Bio: Michelle Renee Morales is a Doctoral Candidate in computational linguistics at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her research interests include natural language and speech processing for mental health applications. Michelle’s...
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Position: Futures Initiative Fellow
Bio: Jessica Murray is a doctoral student in Human Development at The Graduate Center, CUNY and a Futures Initiative Fellow.
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Bio: Mike Rifino is a first-year doctoral student in Human Development at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Drawing on cultural-historical activity theory and recent advances in Vygotskian scholarship, specifically, Stetsenko’s...
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Position: Assistant Professor of English
Bio: 20th century and contemporary literature and culture, American studies, feminist pedagogy, social justice, critical university studies
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Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow and Interim Associate Director of the Futures Initiative
Bio: Frances Tran is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow and the Interim Associate Director of the Futures Initiative at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her research draws on Asian American and multiethnic science and speculative...