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Blog entry
By William Robinson on Oct 22nd, 2014
Dear HASTAC Scholars,My name is William Robinson, I am in my 3rd year of PhD studies at Concordia University in Montreal. I study video games, but...
Blog entry
By Jenae Cohn on Oct 13th, 2014
My poor, almost four-year-old laptop is on the brink of collapse. She moans and churns and thinks really hard about loading webpages now. Awakening...
Blog entry
By William Albertson on Oct 11th, 2014
     Throughout my career in learning code I have found myself both confused and excited at times. Throughout my exploration into the...
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HASTAC ContentContributor
Blog entry
By Marco Bastos on Jul 1st, 2014
Back in 2013 I analysed the differences between readership in social and legacy media and published the results in this paper. This research required...
By Paul Bush on Jun 27th, 2014
A few weeks back I wrote a blog entry here about the annotation/collaboration site RapGenius.  There's also a new site/app out there called...
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