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By LiAnna Davis on Jul 9th, 2014
The premise of the Wikipedia Education Program’s Classroom Program is simple: Instructors assign their students to write Wikipedia articles instead...
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By Katy Jordan on Jul 9th, 2014
One of the great things about MOOCs is being able to study different subjects without having to have pre-existing qualifications or experience in...
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By Emily Kugler on Jun 29th, 2014
NB: This was originally posted by Jacqueline Wernimont on her HASTAC blog and on my website, but now that I have a HASTAC account, I'm re-...
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By Vanessa Monterosa on Jun 15th, 2014
Part of Collaborative Book Review of It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens by danah boydReview of Chapter 1, Identity - why do teens...
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