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By Victoria Najacht on Sep 28th, 2014
     In Gideon Burton’s “Dear Students,” a selection from Daniel Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt’s Hacking the Academy: New Approaches...
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By Cathy Davidson on Sep 25th, 2014
On Friday, Sept 26 (tomorrow)  I'll be on NPR's "To the Point" with Benjamin Gottlieb talking with Matt Richtel (A Deadly Wandering) and David...
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By Madalyn Rose on Sep 21st, 2014
In Christopher J. Prom’s article “Reimaging Academic Archives,” a selection from Daniel Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt’s Hacking the Academy: New...
By Ian Clayton on Sep 20th, 2014
Assistant Professor of English: Corpus Linguistics/Digital Humanities
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By Ai Miller on Sep 15th, 2014
I was wondering if anyone had any resources about learning XML or the TEI standards. I'm an undergraduate history major with an interest in looking...
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By Demos Orphanides on Sep 5th, 2014
What I really appreciate about HASTAC is that as a community we run the gamut of pursuits, interests, and expressions. We are writers and researchers...
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