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By James Williams on Feb 25th, 2015
Facet Publishing have announced the release of Cultural Heritage Information: Access and management, the first book in the new iResearch series.
By Elli Bleeker on Feb 25th, 2015
I am very pleased to announce a DH-conference all the way in lovely Antwerp this coming Spring (8 and 9 June). Although the conference is established...
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By Kalle Westerling on Feb 24th, 2015
The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy is currently seeking submissions considering the special topic “Disability as Insight, Access as...
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Forum Thread
By Lisa Tagliaferri on Feb 24th, 2015
This forum will explore why hacking may be a viable entry point into discussion and methodologies around ethics in a technological society. What are...
By José Manuel Martínez Martínez on Feb 23rd, 2015
We are happy to announce that any interested person can already create an account with the ConfTool of the European Summer University in Digital...
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Blog entry
By Neal Swisher on Feb 22nd, 2015
Sunshine Machines are Hard to Critique Recently re-reading Donna Haraway classic article, The Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and...
Blog entry
By Timothy Foster on Feb 20th, 2015
It's no secret that for those of us interested in all things technological that in the academy is not always the most receptive place. When we think...
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