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By Victoria Najacht on Sep 28th, 2014
     In Gideon Burton’s “Dear Students,” a selection from Daniel Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt’s Hacking the Academy: New Approaches...
By Amanda Phillips on Sep 26th, 2014
IMMERSe (The Interactive and Multi-Modal Research Syndicate) is a SSHRC-funded project of seven universities and six industry partners conducting...
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By Shane Lee on Sep 25th, 2014
The college course provides profound knowledge about computer and their fundamental. But before to enroll into college, or middle of college studies...
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By Cathy Davidson on Sep 25th, 2014
On Friday, Sept 26 (tomorrow)  I'll be on NPR's "To the Point" with Benjamin Gottlieb talking with Matt Richtel (A Deadly Wandering) and David...
By Olga Scrivner on Sep 22nd, 2014
The theme of the October, 2014 salon is "Electronic Communication". If you are in Bloomington, please join us for this salon provided by Center of...
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By Tess Henthorne on Sep 21st, 2014
‘Does the past exist concretely, in space? Is there somewhere or other a place, a world of solid      objects, where the...
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