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By Sable Manson on Aug 29th, 2014
PhD candidates Sable Manson (University of Southern California) and 2013 HASTAC Scholar Vanessa Monterosa (California State University, Long...
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By HASTAC Admin on Aug 12th, 2014
For the month of July HASTAC partnered up with the Connected Learning Alliance to produce a webinar series focused on building trust in connected...
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By Christina Davidson on Aug 11th, 2014
During the spring semester of 2014, the HASTAC Digital History Group presented the second part of its yearlong book review series. The goal of...
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By Jade E. Davis on Jul 24th, 2014
This is an easy-to-talk-about but hard-to-move-towards contextual frameworks topic. We are in the process of defining digital citizenship. Our models...
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