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By Robert Fisher on Jun 30th, 2015
Exploring the Erotic: Bodies, Desires, Practices10th Global Meeting Call for Presentations 2016Thursday 21st January – Saturday 23rd January...
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By Beck Wise on Jun 8th, 2015
Hi all, I'm delighted to be joining FSDW for a third year! I'm serving as a group leader for one of the Rhetoric & Writing interest groups, and I...
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By Christine Yao on Jun 8th, 2015
“This is a book about Twine. But let’s not let it be the book, yeah?” – Merritt Kopas, introduction to Videogames for Humans (Instar Books) Buy...
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By Alice Price on Jun 8th, 2015
I completed my Ph.D. from Temple University, Tyler School of Art in 2014 and am now working on getting my work published. (I also have been working...
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By CJ Risman on May 12th, 2015
As video games continue to become more and more “lifelike,” they bring users closer to visual experiences of actual “death.” They desensitize us to...
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