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By Cathy Davidson on Sep 17th, 2014
My friend, the very gracious and generous Curtis Wong, is coming to New York City for his family vacation . . . and he is bringing his laptop (ssssh...
By Christopher Warren on Sep 15th, 2014
The Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, with grant funding from the A.W. Mellon Foundation in the...
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By Demos Orphanides on Sep 5th, 2014
What I really appreciate about HASTAC is that as a community we run the gamut of pursuits, interests, and expressions. We are writers and researchers...
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By Matthew Wood on Aug 25th, 2014
Here to provide an update on DCL's new Makerspace. We just finished training DCL staff on the basics of the space, and we will be throwing our doors...
By Matthew Wood on Aug 25th, 2014
Hey folks! Official announcement of Durham County Library's first Maker Day!Saturday, September 27, at the Main Library in the 1st Floor Computer Lab...
By Rebecca Rouse on Aug 18th, 2014
Carnegie Mellon ETC Press is excited to announce the release of “Meet Me at the Fair: A World’s Fair Reader,” by Laura Hollengreen, Celia Pearce,...
By Helena Karabatsos on Aug 4th, 2014
PurposeThis award provides support for travel related to research on Spanish, Portuguese, or Ibero-American architecture.The AwardsThe awards...
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