Topic: Digital Divide & Access

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By Kalle Westerling on Nov 14th, 2014
 In this HASTAC Scholars project during the 2014-15 academic year, we will learn together what it means to create a digital archive, what...
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By Claire Berman on Nov 2nd, 2014
While Fitzpatrick makes an interesting case for open-access publishing and, unlike so many of her peers, offers a few practical solutions, what I...
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By Heather Draxl on Oct 29th, 2014
Hello,I am excited and proud to be a HASTAC scholar and part of the broader HASTAC community. I applied to be a scholar because I am relatively new...
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By Sharla Berry on Oct 23rd, 2014
 Hello HASTAC!My name is Sharla Berry. I am a PhD student at  the University of Southern California in the Urban Education Policy Program....
By Latasha Hill on Oct 20th, 2014
TITLE: Library Professional II (exempt)FUNCTIONAL JOB TITLE: Digital Humanities LibrarianSUPERVISOR: Assistant Dean of Information Technology,...
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