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By HASTAC Admin on Jan 27th, 2015
Call for Lightning-Round Presentations: 
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By Anna Ashley on Jan 27th, 2015
I feel the primary effort of education is focused on tests scores and forming a reputation for the institution. Not all educational systems are like...
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By HASTAC Admin on Jan 26th, 2015
Danica Savonick and Cathy N. DavidsonOverviewThe often unconscious and unintentional biases against women, including in academe, have been well...
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By Futures Initiative on Jan 23rd, 2015
The Futures Initiative hosted its first workshop of the Mapping the Futures of Higher Education course this past Thursday, January 22nd. A number of...
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By Kaysi Holman on Jan 21st, 2015
Last night at the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, Professor Cathy N. Davidson presented a workshop on "The Invention of Failure." She addressed a...
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By Kalle Westerling on Jan 20th, 2015
The authors in this section focus on some useful writing exercises to use both in class and as homework for students. This section asks, and provides...
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