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By Ilse Schweitzer VanDonkelaar on Apr 11th, 2014
The working group in the Digital Humanities at Western Michigan University would like to invite you to participate in a THATcamp on May 7, 2014, from...
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By Rachel Arteaga on Apr 10th, 2014
In January, I posted a draft lesson plan for an annotation assignment using the MIT Annotation Studio interface. I received a lot of encouragement...
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By Mia Zamora on Apr 2nd, 2014
I recently made an inspiring trip to Washington DC where I was able to advocate for education, for teachers, and writing in our nation...
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By Sven Bjorke on Apr 1st, 2014
Sven Åke Bjørke, April 2014
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By Fiona Barnett on Mar 30th, 2014
 Is your....- Syllabus finished?- Course website complete? - Brain filled with a bit of excitment, hope and nerves?If so, it must be the...
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By Christina Davidson on Mar 29th, 2014
Currently in The History and Future of Higher Education, taught by Dr. Cathy Davidson at Duke University, we are focused on completing the final...
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